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Monday, June 29, 2009

SRC result

SRC result was release lor. SRC 09/10 hv been elected lu. i cant get into SRC tis year. A bit sad, bt i noe i dy put all the affort inside, get o cant get dy not important. even i cant get, frm this campaign of SRC, i learn many many thing. Mayb next year i wil get into SRC again. hehe. this becum my new goal again. Gambateh ba.^^

Friday, June 26, 2009

SRC norminee ^^

Long time din touch blog le. SRC, student representative commitee. Tis become my goal 2 join since i noe gt this third party in foundation. Til nw, degree, Jason was ask me 2 join SRC norminee. 1st, i think tat i stil nt qualify 2 join SRC, bcos i dun hv any post in any sociaty. but lastly, i decide hv a try. bcos i believe tat even ther no any qualification, i stil can help student 2 fight 4 them. last monday, jason was form a group and ask me wherther wan join o nt. i decide 2 join and v hving our 1st meeting at tat day. actually our team consist of 8 ppl which is chairman, doyou, vice chairman, jason, secretary, mira, treasurer, me, aditor, suat and may, faculty rep, emi and odinary commitee, ze lene. on tat day, v discuss so many thing and v decide 2gether outside DSA around 10.30 for register team.the second day(tuesday), when v going 2 register, v face sum problem. the problem is the team should consist of 7 ppl bt nt 8 ppl. so doyou and jason try 2 talk wif the officer.bcos i noe tat nw v dy is a team and v dun wan 2 loss any1 in the team. bt lastly, tis is a rule and v unvailable 2 change it. lastly, ze lene wad decide 2 left us and suet was change her post 2 odinary commitee. after register, v start 2 planning every night. becos start by tis monday, the campaigning for our team is start. sunday is the last preparation for the 1st day campaiging.v finish our script for 2mr group presentation, v going bek 2 rest. the 1st day campaigning. 1st, v try 2 approach the student in cafeteria table by table. and sum of our team members is going 2 lecture hall 2 approach student.finally, til the time v make a intro 2 our team(group presentation). i was so nervous bcos tis is my 1st time talk in front so many ppl. when is reaching 2 talk, my mind was blank and i cant think anything 2 talk. bcos of my script i memorise, so i cant done well in tat day. finish the talk, i was so down. veivian, registration manager when RCM, any i treat her as my teacher also. hehe. bcos i think tat she let me noe many thing and teach me many thing. she cal me gambateh in 2mr individual speech, sum advise for deliver a speech and smile. after half an hour i thinking y i did so bad, i decide 2 change and i won memo my script any more. the 1st day campaigning was end and all of us was so tired. night, i going 2 mira hz and i discuss wif doyou wad point should i say 4 2mr individual speech. al point cu frm my mind after he ask me few question. the next day, more difficult thing, which is individual talk. when is my turn 2 talk, i was so nervous oso. lucky, the point nt memo bt cum out frm my mind. when i deliver the speech, i juz c 2 veivian and my teammate. finally i finish my speech. i think tat i improve dy tat compare 2 yesterday. and for the last day, which is debate session. team 1 vs team 2, team 2 vs team 3, team 3 vs team 1 and team 1, team 2 and team 3 2gether. start by thursday til friday(yesterday) , student was start 2 voting. veivian, very very very very (x ∞) thanks a lot 2 u, tat reli teach me so much thing bout SRC, and also all my teammate. sunday o monday, the result wil out. even my 6 sense tell me the chance 2 get the post is less, bt i stil waiting wif hope. hehe. SRC my choice 4ever. ^^

Monday, March 30, 2009

Gambateh ^^

actually i reli hope tat can get any post in the orientation, cos i hope i can learn some new thing from there. but i think the chance 2 get the post is very low. cos i think mayb i dun hv the qualify 2 get post in orientation. mayb helper is the onli way tat i can choose. even din get any post, i oso wil try 2 do my best. Yap, gambateh lo. dun say is bcos of me u onli join lo, cos u reli gt the qualify 2 get so high post d. if i din get any post, den u muz double work hard le lo, 代我完成lo... ^^

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brother, Happy B'day...

2day, my classmate and i was gather 2 having dinner in a coffee hz... after finish our dinner, pat was suggest tat 2nd round in another coffee hz.. so we go 2 another coffee shop again... finally, v finish our 2nd round... actually 2day is to celebrate Gary B'day, we going to westlake 2 celebrate his b'day... den we play til midnight, 1am sumthing... Long time din gather 2gether like 2day le since last time d conflict... haha... Gary, wish u happy always. dun sad le lo... FRIENDSHIP 4 EVER.... :-)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Actually tis few day wan study d, bt duno y i cnt concentrade in study... haiz, sum1 help me...wan exam ady, bt i juz start study 1st chapter by using so many time... i think result for tis time sure drop ady... bt i will try my best 2 get good result... study... study... study... gambateh